How to ace any test or exam

The keys to academic success

Do you have a test or exam coming up soon? Are you feeling nervous or afraid? Do you really need that high grade, but don’t know how to get it?

There is hope! Doing well on an exam is NOT a matter of luck alone. You can learn how to achieve success in any exam. This website gives you dozens of strategies, techniques, and skills for effective, stress-free exam preparation.

Students of all ages do better when they learn test-taking skills, memory development, and study skills. Yet this is exactly what we are not taught in school, college, and university. Instead, we attend classes, listen to lectures, read textbooks and are then told to prepare for a test or exam which determines our academic fate. Rarely are students taught how to study, interpret questions, or recall loads of information.

On this website, you’ll find the latest neurological findings related to maximizing your brain power, determining your learning style, and identifying your dominant intelligence. You’ll also find useful test preparation strategies and tips from some of world’s best researchers, teachers, and students.

After all, exams are a test of your knowledge. They measure your mastery of the subjects you have studied. They assess how well you remember and understand the key information related to that subject. And like it or not, they are an integral part of academic life.

While tests and exams do not define you, a low score can prevent you from getting into college, getting a degree, or getting a job. In fact, in different parts of the world, exams comprise anywhere from 30%–100% of the final grade of many academic programs. Quizzes, tests, assignments, and class participation make up the rest of the score.

It doesn’t matter how well or poorly you may have done on exams in the past. The path to success is open to every student. You can develop the study habits, positive attitude, and test-taking strategies needed to get the high grades you deserve on a consistent basis. By becoming aware of your strengths and weaknesses and taking constructive steps, you can show the world what you are capable of and move forward confidently in your personal, academic, and professional life. Good luck on all the exams in your life!